How do you decide which person in history to make a podcast about?

Patrick and his dad look through pictures on the internet. When Patrick finds an interesting mustache or he learns that a person with a mustache has an interesting story, Patrick and his dad research that person.

They kind of stumble upon people to cover. If you have a suggestion for a person to cover please contact Patrick. He loves to hear from listeners.

What equipment do you use to record the podcast?

Patrick uses:

  • Microphone–Audio-Technica AT3035
  • Mixer–Behringer Xenyx 802
  • Sound card–Edirol USB Audio Interface UA-1EX
  • Computer–Running Windows 7
  • Software–Audacity and Levelator (used to help in post production).

Who is the Announcer with the “Big Voice”?

The announcer is Scott Fletcher.

Scott is a very nice guy and great to work with. He has been very kind and encouraging to Patrick. You need Scott for your next voice-over project.