Patrick from Great Mustaches in History

Patrick podcast host of Great Mustaches in History

Hi, I am Patrick from Great Mustaches in History podcast. I was born in 2003. I live in Texas. My favorite things are Minecraft, watching my pet turtle, and watching shows. I am working on learning to juggle and I love to ride my bicycle.

The reason I started this podcast is one day my dad and I were talking about podcasts. We love Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History Podcast, Stuff You Should Know podcast, Backstory and other good history podcasts.

Patrick Host of Great Mustaches in History flying with his jetpack

Patrick flying with his jetpack

I wanted to do a podcast about history but there were so many other good ones I thought, “What could I do to make mine special?” I thought about how popular mustaches are and decided that was just the hook I needed to make my podcast stand out.

So for each episode my dad and I talk about famous people in history and we look online to find really cool pictures of historical people. Of course they have to have a mustache to be considered. We have been trying to pick people that are well known but people who listeners may be interested in because they don’t know a lot about that person other than their cool mustache.

We do some research and my dad and I come up with our script then I host the show and my dad does the technical recording stuff.

I hope that you will subscribe to my podcast so that you can get new episodes as soon as they are released. I also hope that you will check back to this web site often. This is where you can find out everything about the podcast Great Mustaches in History.



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